What options do you have for paving your Brisbane property?

When you talk options with a Brisbane paving contractor, you will be advised that there are many different types of paving options available to choose from. Below are some of the most common:

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We make sure that all of our sandstone paving products are of high standard and sourced ethically. Sandstone has a fine grained surface making for a great look for paving around pools and patios. Sandstone comes in a variety of types to suit both traditional and contemporary house designs.

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All Limestone sourced is of high standard and sourced ethically. We work with Limestone that has a smooth finish or with a natural riven finish. Enquire with us today about the colour options available. Typically limestone may be black, ochre or sapphire. Limestone is a great way to make your patio absolutely stunning.

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Slate is versatile and durable product that has a long history in the construction of homes. Slate comes in varied sizes and shades of colour. A great complimentary texture and colour with gardens that are bright and colourful themselves.

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The granite is sourced ethically and as an idea can give the patio a stylish and modern look and feel. Granite as a paver is great non-slip option. A range of sizes and colours available.

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Concrete can be for the traditional or contemporary home with finishes that vary from riven, smooth or textured. Concrete is versatile for the project on a tight budget. Concrete paving works well within circle paving and octants.

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Circle paving and octant paving are eye catching additions to your courtyard, patio, garden and overall landscape. It is possible to produce circle and octant paving with natural stone or concrete products. Our expert pavers can produce work that is balanced and pleasing to the eye.

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What should you look for in a Brisbane paving contractor?

When it comes to searching for a Brisbane paving contractor you will find a variety in price points and advice. We are definitely not the cheapest, but have built a reputation for our workmanship, resulting in many happy clients.


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